Kim Kardashian Pranked By Ashton Kutcher, Scott Disick on Punk'd

Kim Kardashian, you just got Punk'd!

Ashton Kutcher dusted off his trucker hat to return to his old MTV stomping grounds Sunday ahead of the 2012 Movie Awards, and with a little help from Kardashian's pal Scott Disick, the reality star was in for an explosive surprise.

Setting the scene at a California gas station, Kutcher, 34, had Disick, 29, pull up to a pump only to be greeted by a superfan asking for an autograph. After the fan also greeted Kardashian, 31, who was sitting in the passenger seat, Disick found that the man took off with his wallet.

Enraged, Disick hopped back into his car and drove off -- with the gas nozzle still attached -- and caused an explosion that damaged a nearby truck. "I'm literally shaking!" a surprisingly even-keeled Kardashian, who was texting at the time of the explosion, said when police rolled up and put Disick in handcuffs.

Watch the clip above to find out what happened when Kardashian was let in on Kutcher's prank -- and how she relays the explosive scene to sister Kourtney.