Review | House

Credit: Mike Yarish/FOX


As exasperated hospital boss Dr. Lisa Cuddy, Lisa Edelstein has spent the past six seasons playing the straight man to acidic Dr. House (Hugh Laurie). But tonight, she finally takes the spotlight in a "day in the life" outing -- with wondrous results. Wake-up time: 5 A.M. Yoga, a kiss for her baby, rushed nookie with her boyfriend, then off to work at Princeton Plainsboro. That's where she really starts to shine.

In one riveting and realistic story line after another -- all seamlessly woven together -- the chief administrator must play hardball with a greedy insurance company rep (the hospital's future hangs in the balance!), confront a maybe-crooked staffer, break up a physical fight, endure a certain flippant doctor's shenanigans and lots more. As tension mounts on all fronts (highlight: Cuddy's run-in with a fat-cat CEO), Edelstein's performance -- empathetic yet commanding -- doesn't miss a beat. Consider it a stirring tribute to real-life office heroes everywhere. (Fox, 8 P.M.)