Review | House

Credit: Adam Taylor/FOX

Air Date: Monday 5/17

Us Rating: ***

After a bipolar season that’s veered from brilliant to blah, House wraps up season six with an ambitious outing. It mostly succeeds. (Laurie) and his boss/unrequited love Cuddy (Lisa Edelstein), rush to the scene to help save the victims, including a dying woman trapped deep in the rubble. Emotional and haunting moments abound as the acerbic hero forms a kinship with his patient.

Meanwhile, the disaster site itself is so realized, you can almost feel the concrete dust; it provides a stark backdrop to House and Cuddy's barbed exchanges (she really calls him on his narcissism in one shining scene.) But though this outing elicits a deep empathy for House, there's a caveat (mild spoiler alert!). Instead of a cliffhanger -- such a hallmark for this venerable series -- the final moments focus on his much-explored self-distruction issues. Here's hoping for a dose of freshness come fall. (Fox, 8 p.m.)