Review | Love and Other Drugs

Credit: David James

Opens Wednesday 11/24

Us Rating: ***

Both relatively squeaky clean until now, Anne Hathaway and Jake Gyllenhaal get naked -- emotionally and physically -- in this edgy romantic comedy. She's Maggie, an artist struggling with Parkinson's disease; he's Jamie, a slick, promiscuous drug salesman. The pair hook up and try to keep things casual, as neither is prepared to let the other person in. The trouble begins when more complicated feelings develop. Thanks to consistently witty dialogue and multidimensional characters, the film moves along breezily, aided by the strength of the duo's intense chemistry.

Still, the film veers off track when it takes farcical turns: In one scene, Jamie makes a dash for the ER in a car after he has a bad reaction (cough cough) to Viagra, and his imbecile of a brother keeps whacking him in the crotch. In another weird moment, Jamie tries to get over Maggie by having a three-way that's way too explicit -- and uncomfortable for the audience. But overall, it's a satisfying story of two flawed adults navigating a relationship.