Review | The Real Housewives of Miami

Credit: Adam Olszweski/Bravo

Airs Tuesday 2/22

Us Rating: **

This city prides itself on being a hotbed of sultry passion and excitement -- too bad the six stars of this latest franchise didn't get the memo. Though the ladies all possess the requisite beach-glam look and reside in gorgeous mansions, they're surprisingly milquetoast -- with nary a Camille Grammer-like vixen among them.

Brassy lawyer's wife Lea Black hobnobs with ex-NBA bad boy and current D-lister Dennis Rodman. Local PR empress Marysol Patton squires a boring younger beau. Nice Larsa Pippen (wed to former NBA great Scottie Pippen) likes to go to bed early, which is a point of contention among her pals. (Talk about eyelids getting heavy!) If there's any potential for Miami heat, the responsibility falls to the intriguing triumvirate of engaged-yet-guyogling art dealer Adriana De Moura, Rolls-Royce-driving magazine editor Alexia Echevarria (who hounds her aspiring-model teen son about his diet) and snooty basketballer ex-wife Cristy Rice.

In the snarkiest scene of the opener, Rice chides De Moura for provocatively dancing between two sexy men at a private nightclub. ("I don't know, I guess she was having fun," Rice says with a condescending smile.) Admittedly, it's not much, but consider it something to build on. (Bravo, 10 P.M.)