Russell Brand Has a TV Show Where He Reads Us Weekly?

Who knew Russell Brand was such a fan of Us Weekly?

In a hilarious clip from Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, the Saturday Night Live alum does a parody of Katy Perry's ex. 

"I'm actor, comedian, and noted lothario Russell Brand, and here in my possession is the newest of the newest Us Weekly!" Fallon, 37, says, impersonating the Forgetting Sarah Marshall star. "And what do I see on the cover? But it's me! A picture of me and Katy Perry. And what does it say? Married to a crazy man! Really? I'm a crazy man?"

In the clip, Fallon flips through Us' new issue (on stands now) and provides his insightful comedic commentary. 

Watch the clip above of Fallon's impersonation of Brand reading Us Weekly!