Sarah Palin Goes Hunting for Food

Entertainment Dec. 4, 2010 AT 12:40PM

Sarah Palin is putting food on her family's table the old fashioned way: She's going caribou hunting!

In a sneak peek of this Sunday's episode of Sarah Palin's Alaska, Palin, 46, notices that the meat supply at her family's home is running low.

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"There's no grocery store nearby," the former Governor explains. So, she and her father trek out to the Alaskan wilderness for a multi-day hunting trip -- where they'll encounter wolves, bobcats and other creatures.

"We don't have the advantage -- the animals have the advantage," she says.

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Watch Palin take aim at one caribou in this clip -- and tune in to Sarah Palin's Alaska on TLC Dec. 5 at 9 (8c) for the full episode.

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