Snooki Gets Dirty On Jersey Shore Premiere

Snooki Gets Dirty On Jersey Shore Premiere

Talk about GTL!

In a sneak peek of Thursday's season 2 premiere of MTV's Jersey Shore, Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi is forced to get her hands dirty -- doing her own laundry.

Ditching the laundromat after spilling juice on roommate Sammi's clothing, Snooki takes it upon herself to clean the garments in their kitchen sink. (Watch a clip above)

"I feel like a pilgrim from the friggin' 20s washing s---," Snooki gripes as she wrings out her pal's duds and stuffs them in a garbage bag. "Like, who does that nowadays?! Just throw it to the dry cleaners!"

Sammi is sympathetic to her pal. "I can't deal with this sh--t," she says.

Catch the full episode of Jersey Shore Thursday at 10 p.m/ET on MTV.