The Situation Using Rosetta Stone to Learn Italian

Credit: Jon Kopaloff/FilmMagic

How do you say "gym, tan, laundry" in Italian?

Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino may be Italian, but that doesn't mean he knows how to speak it. And that's going to be a problem when the cast of The Jersey Shore packs up their hair gel, tanning spray and Ed Hardy tees and heads for Italy to film the fourth season of the hit MTV show.

But Sorrentino, 28, has a plan: "I'm trying to practice right now. I’m doing a little Rosetta Stone," he told at Sunday's Grammy Awards in L.A..

He's excited to head to Italy with Vinny, Pauly D and the rest of the cast -- and possibly meet some of his relatives. "I do have some family out there so I'm very excited. I always wanted to go to Italy and now is my time, I guess," he said.

And of course, there are the Italian babes. "You never know, I may find a girlfriend out there too!"