Tom Hiddleston Sings Karaoke to "Stand By Me" Inside a Car on German TV Show

Entertainment Nov. 18, 2013 AT 3:15PM

Thor may have the hammer-throwing biceps, but everyone knows Loki is the star of the show! And the man behind the fan-favorite villain is British up-and-comer Tom Hiddleston, who seems to be doing everything possible to keep his fans entranced. 

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The scene-stealer's latest stunt took place on a German TV show, Stars in Cars, where he rode around in a car with the show's host while singing along to Ben E. King's "Stand By Me." 

American Idol would surely crown him "pitchy" at best, but the actor, 32, gives it his all and manages to make the performance endearing. 

Tom Hiddleston belts out
Tom Hiddleston belts out "Stand By Me" on the German show Stars in Cars.

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"Ooh, it's a bit rusty," he says at one point in reference to his voice. 

The Avengers star appears to be sipping on a giant beer while in the car, and continues belting out the classic tune even after the driver has turned off the music. You go, Loki! 

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Watch the video and tell Us: Do you think Tom Hiddleston's performance is charming or painful?

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