Watch Carrie Underwood Kiss a Piglet!

Entertainment Feb. 23, 2010 AT 12:12PM has your first peek at Carrie Underwood's sitcom debut on CBS' How I Met Your Mother.

Underwood, 26, plays a pharmaceutical sales rep who is pursued by Ted (Josh Radnor).

In this clip (watch above), Ted tries to woo her with an adorable piglet.

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"This is the cutest piggy ever!" she says as she puckers up.

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The two then begin flirting.

"Were you always this pretty?" Ted asks. "Or are you going to give me that 'shy and awkward in high school' line?"

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She jokingly tells him she was "100 pounds heavier and had these crazy buck teeth" in high school before blurting out, "No, I've always been hot."

Watch Underwood's entire episode of How I Met Your Mother episode March 1 (8 p.m./ET) on CBS.

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