Wow! See Scarlett Johansson Transform into Janet Leigh on the Set of Hitchcock

Scarlett Johansson in HITCHCOCK

It's a little scary how much Scarlett Johansson resembles Psycho's leading lady, Janet Leigh.

The 27-year-old actress, who plays legendary screen siren Leigh in the new Alfred Hitchcock biopic, Hitchcock, channeled the late star on the film's set recently.

Johansson donned a teal blouse and cropped blonde wig to play Leigh, whose 1960 Psycho shower scene has become one of the most famous horror movie moments of all time.

Due out later this year, Hitchcock focuses on the legendary director as he and wife Alma Reville filmed the then-controversial, now-iconic flick back in 1959. (Anthony Hopkins plays Hitchcock, while Helen Mirren stars as Reville.)

Bride-to-be Jessica Biel also plays a part in the film; the Total Recall actress stars as Vera Miles, whom Hitchcock once dubbed his "new Grace Kelly."

Tell Us: Do you think ScarJo makes a convincing Janet Leigh?