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Eliza Thompson


Staff Writer Eliza Thompson lives in Brooklyn, New York, with a library’s worth of celebrity biographies and a set of Lady Gaga nesting dolls. She is a citizen of Bachelor Nation as well as a devoted fan of Jersey Shore, The Hills, the royals and the Real Housewives. Her other interests include romance novels, Dolly Parton, Star Wars, horror movies and the occult.

Work or writing background leading to expertise

Eliza began her career as the music editor at BUST magazine, profiling musicians like Neko Case and Janelle Monáe and attending a ton of concerts “for work.” From there, she became a senior entertainment editor at Cosmopolitan, where she wrote about shows like Game of Thrones and Pretty Little Liars and spearheaded coverage of all things spooky. Many years ago, she had a summer job at Blockbuster Video (R.I.P.) and was banned from working the sales floor because she was “too honest” when customers asked for an opinion on their selections. She joined the Us Weekly team in April 2021.


Eliza graduated from Vassar College with a B.A. in English. Just because she can draw you a complete Kardashian-Jenner family tree from memory doesn’t mean she can’t also talk your ear off about Paradise Lost. She contains multitudes!