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Bachelor’s Jade Roper Had an ‘Inner Knowing’ Son Was ‘Gone’ Before Missed Miscarriage

Bachelor s Jade Roper Had an Inner Knowing Son Was Gone Before Missed Miscarriage 262
Jade Roper. JC Olivera/Getty Images

Bachelor in Paradise alum Jade Roper felt something was wrong before learning she suffered a pregnancy loss — despite showing no physical signs.

Roper, 36, described her experience during an Instagram Story Q&A on Monday, September 18, after a social media user asked how she recognized she was miscarrying. “I didn’t have any symptoms except that I stopped feeling pregnant in certain ways, like my nausea lessened a lot and my belly where my uterus is stopped feeling hard and springy,” Roper replied. “I also just had this inner knowing that I felt he was gone.”

One week after she sensed a problem, she and husband Tanner Tolbert were unable to detect a heartbeat. “Two weeks later it was confirmed by ultrasound that [the baby] had stopped growing about four weeks before that appointment,” Roper wrote.

Roper revealed via Instagram in August that she miscarried while expecting her and Tolbert’s fourth baby, a son. The couple previously welcomed daughter Emerson in 2017 and sons Brooks and Reed in 2019 and 2020, respectively.

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Roper explained to her followers last month that her body hadn’t “released the pregnancy” although the baby’s heart had stopped beating. “I am hoping to do this naturally and am trusting in timing and in my body under the care of my provider,” she wrote, revealing that she and Tolbert, 36, chose the name Beau for their unborn son.

After sharing the news of her pregnancy loss, Roper was briefly hospitalized. She paid a visit to the ER for blood work and an ultrasound, noting via her Instagram Story on August 19 that she was “worried a bit about infection.” Roper later returned home after her lab results “came back normal” and no infection was detected.

Bachelor s Jade Roper Had an Inner Knowing Son Was Gone Before Missed Miscarriage 261
JC Olivera/Getty Images

Despite not wanting any medical intervention, Roper eventually went into surgery on August 29. “Well, here we are. I didn’t want or expect it to go this way, but it is,” she captioned an Instagram photo of herself in a hospital gown at the time. “I so badly wanted to bury him under a beautiful tree in our yard, to see any glimpse of his tiny body, which is why I held out so long trying to trust my body. But, it is time to heal and get to the other side of this loss.”

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Roper noted that she hoped “to protect my peace and respect my baby” and therefore only shared “bits and pieces” of her experience. She sent a supportive message to others facing similar fertility struggles, writing, “I see you, I feel your pain, and I love you. And to Beau, I carried your body for almost 5 months, your soul for a little less, but I carry you with me in my heart every where and for always. 💗 .”

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