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Lauren Burnham and Arie Luydendyk Jr. Discuss His Decision to Get a Vasectomy: ‘It Was His Turn’

Not holding back. Lauren Burnham shared all of the details about husband Arie Luydendyk Jr.‘s vasectomy.

“He was white as a ghost. I though he was going to faint,” the former Bachelor contestant, 30, explained about watching the procedure in a “Vascetomy Vlog” on Tuesday, February 1. “He was literally ripping his hair out when I came up to hold his hand.” Though she described the operation as “awkward” and “interesting,” Burnham confessed that it was “exciting” to be in the room while the race car driver, 40, went under the knife.

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Luyendyk Jr., for his part, didn’t find the whole ordeal quite as fascinating as his wife. “If I were describing [the procedure] to another guy, it’s the same feeling as being kicked in the nuts as hard as someone could kick you,” the former Bachelor recalled. “It just shoots up your abdomen, and you just feel a tug … it was awful.” However, Luyendyk Jr. did admit that he is a bit “squeamish,” and so he may have been in more pain than most men.

“I don’t want you to scare every guy out there that’s going to get a vasectomy,” Burnham said with a laugh, advising any women watching to not share the YouTube video with their partners.

Lauren Burnham Documents Arie Luyendyk Jr.’s 'Awkward' and 'Exciting' Vasectomy
Arie Luyendyk Jr. and Lauren Burnham. RCF/MEGA

Despite all of the pain and discomfort, the couple feel that the entire ordeal was worth it. “After it’s all said and done, it does make you soak in the time we have with the little babies,” Luyendyk Jr. said, referencing daughter Alessi, 2, and twins Senna and Lux, 7 months. “Because now we know there will be no more little babies in the future. … Our little family will stay our little family.”

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Though the Shades of Rose designer shared that she originally wasn’t sure if she wanted to close the door on having more children, they ultimately realized that it was the best decision for both of them. “It was his turn,” Burnham quipped, adding, “I’m also very sensitive to hormonal birth control. Weirdly enough, it causes mild depression for me so that was hard for us when I’ve done that in the past.”

She continued: “We just know that those were our last babies.”

Still, that doesn’t mean that she and the Netherlands native, who married in 2019 after getting engaged on season 22, have ruled out expanding their family by other means in the future. “We both agreed if we ever decided we want another kid, [adoption] would be the route we take,” Burnham told fans on her Instagram Story on January 26. The Virgina native added that she and Luyendyk Jr. were happy with “just three” kids for now.

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Three is also the magic number for the real estate agent as well. “I think we’re so happy because we have our boy, we have the two girls,” Luyendyk Jr. said on an October 2021 episode of the “Almost Famous” podcast. “And I’m already 40, guys. I can’t be having kids any later than this in life. I want to be, like, an active dad. So, I think three is OK.”

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