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Drake Reveals 5-Year-Old Son Adonis’ Hand-Drawn ‘For All the Dogs’ Album Cover

Drake Reveals 5-Year-Old Son Adonis Hand-Drawn For All the Dogs Album Cover 1172270785
DrakeJohn Phillips/Getty Images

Drake‘s 5-year-old son, Adonis, got his first gig as an artist — drawing album art for his father.

The rapper, 36, unveiled the cover for his next album on Monday, August 21. “FOR ALL THE DOGS,” he captioned his Instagram post. “Cover by Adonis.”

The little one appeared to use pencil and crayon on black paper for his masterpiece. He used white crayon to draw the dog’s body and filled the creature’s eyes in red, providing an intentional stark contrast with the dark background. Clearly, this kid knows what he’s doing.

Adonis’ artwork impressed Drake’s followers. “ADONIS COMING THRU WITH THE PICASSO,” motivational speaker Zachery Dereniowski commented while Rich the Kid added, “That’s harddd! 🔥.” MMA fighter Conor McGregor commented, “Woof woof, the kittens are gettin it! 😂❤️.”

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Days before unveiling the LP cover, Drake shared a photo of himself taking down his son’s braids. The Grammy Award winner looked focused while Adonis held a basketball.

Dake Reveals 5-Year-Old Son Adonis Hand-Drawn For All the Dogs Album Cover
Courtesy of Drake/Instagram

Fans gushed over the adorable photo, but Lil Yachty wasn’t impressed.

“It’s no way you’re sitting here acting like you’re braiding his hair for the internet,” the 25-year-old rapper commented.

Drake, who shares his son with Sophie Brussaux, quickly clapped back. “I was unbraiding it, bitch. Your son said you ain’t hit him in 6 months on his finsta. He said he need some Jordans and a backpack for school,” Drake wrote. (Lil Yachty doesn’t appear to have a son, but he did announce the birth of his daughter in October 2021.)

Adonis, for his part, has sung his father’s praises in the past. In a February interview with Barstool Sport’s Caleb Pressley, Adonis revealed that Drake is “a funny dad. … He does a lot of jokes.”

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Pressley followed up with a funny question of his own for Drake, asking the star if his son has ever tried to “c–kblock him” so he won’t split his inheritance with any siblings.

Drake Reveals 5-Year-Old Son Adonis Hand-Drawn For All the Dogs Album Cover 1319710645
Drake, winner of the Artist of the Decade Award, and Adonis Graham speak onstage for the 2021 Billboard Music Awards, broadcast on May 23, 2021 at Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles, California. Kevin Mazur/Getty Images

“No, not really,” Drake replied. “He definitely just always is vibing out with me, telling me how great I am as a father, a single father. So, maybe he is trying to deliver a message.”

Drake isn’t ready to settle down — and he’s not sure he ever will be. “You asked me why I haven’t gotten married,” he said on a July episode of the “Really Good” podcast. “The truth? I don’t think I can offer somebody what they’d be looking for right now.”

He continued, “I think my work is my priority, so I wouldn’t want to not be able to contribute as a partner. I just don’t want to disappoint someone.”

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