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Relive Nick Jonas’ Most Memorable Moments on ‘The Tour’: Falling on Stage, Sexy Dance Moves, More

Feature Relive Nick Jonas Most Memorable Moments on The Tour
Nick JonasBryan Steffy/Getty Images

Nick Jonas is “Burnin’ Up” on The Tour, and Us can’t get enough.

The Jonas Brothers kicked off their tour in New York City in August 2023, and since, Nick has had his fair share of viral moments along with older brothers Joe Jonas and Kevin Jonas.

One of Nick’s most talked about moments came on the opening night of their tour. Joe told the crowd it would be “cool” for them to start the wave shortly before Nick attempted to give an emotional speech before singing “Turn Right.”

As fans started the wave, Nick attempted to redirect their attention to his meaningful words: “Look I know y’all trying to do the wave, but I just want to tell you this one thing and then we can get back to the wave.”

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From looking hot in backwards hats and leather pants to accidentally falling into a hole in the stage, keep scrolling to relive Nick’s best moments on The Tour (so far):

The Wave Incident

After Nick had the crowd pause on the wave, he was able to successfully sing “Turn Right.” The following night at the second Yankee Stadium show, fans gestured for Joe to start the wave again while Nick was gearing up to sing. Joe subsequently shook his head to the fans, and said no. He then raised his eyebrows and gave Nick a side eye, seemingly saying he knew Nick would not be amused by the move.

Relive Nick Jonas Most Memorable Moments on The Tour 2
Nick Jonas Kevin Mazur/Getty Images

Looking Like a Frat Boy

Fans became obsessed with Nick’s backwards hat and tank top after he debuted the look in August and started referring to him as a “frat boy.” TikTok videos of his outfit went viral as fans took to the comments section. “A Nick girlie forever,” one wrote. A second added, “That man is so fine.”

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He paired the shirt and hat with a pair of off-white pants finished with polka dot and striped patches. The outfit became known as one of his most loved on tour.

When He Fell Into the Stage

While singing “Sail Away” at TD Garden in Boston in August, a trap door on stage opened up and he slipped in up to his waist. He mouthed “Ouch,” and swiftly hopped back up on stage. Before his fall, a security guard could be seen trying to get Nick’s attention and even tried to grab his leg to stop him from falling, but it was too late.

After his quick recovery, Nick ran across the stage to where Joe and Kevin were singing. His brothers smiled at him as he joined them, which had fans speculating that were holding back laughter.

Relive Nick Jonas Most Memorable Moments on The Tour 4
Nick Jonas Scott Legato/Getty Images

Stop Throwing Things on Stage

A fan threw something on stage for Nick to catch, but it slipped through his hands. He then smiled at the fan and gently told them not to throw things at him and his brothers anymore. “Stop, stop, no,” he told the audience member while shaking his head and gesturing with his hands.

Every Time He Made Fans Scream During “Burnin’ Up”

While the Jonas Brothers sing ”Burnin’ Up” on stage, Nick typically echoes Joe during the lyrics, “High heels (high heels) / Red dress (red dress).” However, as Jo Bros fans know, Nick doesn’t always sing the “red dress” lyrics – but when he does, he changes his pitch and volume and makes fans swoon.

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So far, he’s sung it at every show except in the Bronx on August 12, Uncasville, Connecticut, on August 17, and Indianapolis, Indiana, on August 22. Whenever he includes the lyrics, fans cheer him on.

Relive Nick Jonas Most Memorable Moments on The Tour
Nick Jonas Kevin Mazur/Getty Images

Nick’s Sexy Dance Move

Nick has made fans go crazy while wearing leather pants and grabbing his waistband at multiple shows. After adjusting his pants, he held onto his belt, showing off his sexy moves. Fans praised him in a viral TikTok’s comment section. “Oh I would be barking so loud if I saw this live,” one joked. Another quipped, “He knows he is hot, it’s not fair.”

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