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‘Summer House’ Reunion Recap: Paige Slams Lindsay and Carl for Being ‘Fake’ After He Calls Her BF Craig Conover the ‘Biggest Liar on Bravo’

Summer House-s Paige Slams Fake Lindsay and Carl After Craig Comment
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Standing by her man! Paige DeSorbo didn’t hold back during the Summer House reunion after Carl Radke and Lindsay Hubbard slammed her boyfriend, Craig Conover.

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I think they’re pretty fake sometimes,” Paige, 30, said when asked about the couple during part 1 of the season 7 reunion, which aired on Monday, May 29. “I think everything they do is premeditated and planned. I think they just lie, and they spin everything.”

Carl, 38, chimed in and claimed that Paige had no leg to stand on. “You date the biggest liar on Bravo, Craig,” the former Loverboy vice president of sales quipped. “Stop!”

The New York native, however, stood her ground and defended Craig, 34, whom she’s been dating since 2021. “I love every single thing about that f—king weirdo,” Paige responded, referring to the Southern Charm star.

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The “Giggly Squad” podcast cohost proceeded to call out Carl’s fiancée, Lindsay, 36, alleging that she lies “about everything” and isn’t close to any of the women on the Bravo series due to her constant spinning of the truth.

“Isn’t this a lot of money to be spending on a lie?” Lindsay fired back. “Yeah, that’s why I’m confused because neither of you have jobs. Yeah, it is weird,” Paige said in response.

Elsewhere in the episode, Paige slammed the Hubb House PR founder and her fiancé for allegedly spreading false narratives to the press over the years. She claimed that Lindsay pretended to be an “anonymous source” in a piece that depicted Craig in a bad light.

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“You guys were saying that Craig got kicked out of Kyle [Cooke] and Amanda [Batula]’s wedding, which did not happen. I know that it was you two,” Paige accused.

Although they both denied having any involvement in the piece, Carl claimed that “Craig’s behavior was questionable enough that I heard about it.” (Kyle, 40, and Amanda, 31, tied the knot in September 2021.)

Paige, however, didn’t buy their claims of innocence. Instead, she told host Andy Cohen that Lindsay and Carl “DM bloggers all the time” with nuggets of information about the cast.

Before the episode came to a close, Carl asked Paige to clarify why she seemingly turned on Lindsay during season 7 of the reality show, which filmed in summer 2022. While Paige and the publicist entered the Hamptons house on good terms, viewers noticed that the blogger changed her tune once Lindsay and former BFF Danielle Olivera started feuding.

Paige insisted that she “would never be excited for a friendship to break up” but after her own rocky experience with Lindsay during season 1, she was happy to see Danielle, 34, find her voice. (During the season 7 finale, Lindsay told Danielle she wasn’t invited to her wedding after the pair disagreed over her and Carl’s relationship.)

“Do I sit in my bed and gossip about the s—t she does to other girls? Absolutely,” Paige confessed on Monday’s show, but pointed out that she hasn’t interjected in Lindsay’s fights with “every other girl” in real time.

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Instead, the fashion guru explained that she just waits until the other ladies “come to me and cry” and is sympathetic toward them.

“So when Danielle began to finally get it and be on the other end [of Lindsay’s anger] … was I happy that Danielle was standing up for herself? Absol-f—king-loutley,” Paige told her castmates.

After Lindsay claimed that Paige fights behind her back — in the “most pathetic fighting” she’s “ever seen” — the style contributor fired back, “You’re literally nuts.”

When Carl tried to jump in and defend his partner, Paige yelled back at him. “You’re f—king nuts too,” she said to which Lindsay responded, “I’d rather be nuts than boring!”

Part 2 of the Summer House season 7 reunion airs on Bravo Monday, June 5, at 9 p.m. ET.

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