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‘The Bachelor’ Finale: Peter Reveals He’s In Love With Madison Months After Dumping Fiancee Hannah Ann

Peter Weber popped the question during part 2 of the Tuesday, March 10, season 24 finale of The Bachelor, but his story was far from over after he presented his final rose.

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Peter was more confident than ever in his decision to propose to Hannah Ann after Madison left. However, Hannah Ann still had her doubts — and she didn’t know Madison had exited. In fact, when it came time for the final rose ceremony, Chris Harrison showed up to warn Peter that Hannah Ann might not even show up.

Peter Weber ABC/John Fleenor

Peter panicked, but Harrison soon after informed him that Hannah Ann was, in fact, en route. Peter — after getting her dad’s blessing via FaceTime — proudly declared that he was in love with Hannah Ann and proposed. She seemed thrilled and shocked but happily accepted.

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Things took a turn when Hannah Ann came to L.A. to visit Peter a month after their engagement. He reassured her that he loved her but admitted that he couldn’t give her his full heart because of his lingering feelings for Madison. She also told him that he “took away” her first engagement and she was upset that she felt like she signed up for a partnership when she accepted but wasn’t met with the same in return.

Peter apologized, but it wasn’t enough to save their relationship. “I don’t need anything more from you. You’ve done enough damage,” Hannah Ann told him as she took off her ring and ended their engagement.

Hannah Ann The Bachelor
Hannah Ann on The Bachelor. Giphy

“I’m done.” She then urged him to confess that he betrayed her, and she pointed out that she could move on knowing that he realized that. Meanwhile, on the live show, Peter said that Madison was not the only reason why he could not follow through with Hannah Ann.

Hannah Ann then confronted Peter. She wanted him to be honest with her about his heartbreak before their engagement, while he countered that he had no time to grieve his split with Madison before getting down on one knee. Hannah Ann then called him out for saying he needed to get in touch with Hannah Brown to find closure with her during their engagement. She claimed he let three women into their relationship, which blindsided her. “If you wanna be with a woman, you need to become a real man,” she scolded him.

Hannah Ann Sluss Peter Weber
Peter and Hannah Ann discuss their relationship in the hot seat during the second night of the live special, season finale event of “The Bachelor.” ABC

After Peter’s breakup from Hannah Ann, Harrison traveled to Alabama to deliver the news to Madison. She admitted that her feelings for Peter had not gone away and she would jump at a second chance with him. So, she went to L.A. to talk to him.

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Peter and Madison agreed that they were still in love with each other, and Peter said on the live show that they planned to take things one step at a time. He realized his mistakes and knew they both needed to heal.

Madison Prewett Peter Weber The Bachelor Finale
Madison Prewett and Peter Weber on The Bachelor finale. ABC

Peter’s mother, Barbara, for her part, blasted Madison yet again in an attempt to justify her initial request to her son to choose Hannah Ann. Barbara claimed that Madison kept the family waiting three hours when they met in Australia and told her that she would not accept a proposal from Peter because she was not madly in love with him.

Peter urged his parents to give Madison another chance, but Barbara was not backing down. “He’s gonna have to fail to succeed,” she told Harrison, noting that the romance would not work. “I love Madison and that should be enough,” Peter replied. Madison, meanwhile, believed that his family should not even be involved in the discussion.

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