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The Best Hair Growth Supplements to Help You Reach Your Goal Length


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About two-thirds of all women will experience some form of hair loss within their lifetime. Hair loss can take the form of hair thinning due to sudden hormonal changes, hair damage due to scalp injury, partial or full hair loss due to health-related conditions, or patterned balding (scientifically referred to as androgenetic alopecia) due to genetic predisposition. Identifying and understanding the reason for hair loss can help determine the most effective treatment option.

While increasing the daily intake of essential hair growth vitamins may help with thinning or damaged hair, a treatment targeting specific hormones related to hair growth may be necessary for instances of progressive balding. Below we highlight the best hair growth supplements to address all variations of hair loss.

Our Top Hair Growth Supplements:

Best Hair Growth Supplements

Best Hair Growth Supplement: Hers Rx Only


Hers is an online health and wellness provider focused on providing women access to timely and affordable services. The company offers a free comprehensive assessment and free telehealth consultation with a medical doctor. With a wide range of prescription products, Hers offers support for mental health, hair loss, skin care, sexual health, and gut wellness.

The prescription Oral Spironolactone is a once-daily pill that addresses premenopausal hair loss at a hormone level. The product works by protecting hair from androgens which have been shown to weaken hair follicles, contributing to hair thinning and balding.


  • Scientifically backed treatment
  • Free consultation is available, and a specific hair loss quiz to target treatment
  • Consistent results of hair repair and new hair growth, with over 70% of women reporting successful treatment


  • A prescription from a doctor is required to purchase and use

Spironolactone is one of hers most popular prescription product from this brand. The medication seems to work best for women who have medical reasons for hair thinning or hair loss and see significant improvements in hair growth when they add spironolactone as part of their treatment. Women who have taken this product report significant hair growth and describe thicker and fuller hair after taking a daily pill for as little as three months.

Best Beauty Wellness Supplement: Skinnyfit Daily Glow


Skinnyfit is an online wellness brand whose mission focuses on helping women reach goals with their overall wellness and appearance. They offer a wide range of products that provide natural solutions to weight management, skin care, hair loss, and gut health. Their products are featured on prime-time cable channels and pages of social media influencers.

Their Daily Glow supplement is a once-a-day pill that promotes stronger hair and nails, younger-looking skin, and brightened complexion. The supplement is packed with hair growth vitamins (including biotin), amino acids, and kelp powder. As with all of their products, the vitamins are sourced from all-natural ingredients.


  • Helps the appearance of skin and nails, along with hair growth
  • Customers indicated results in as little as two weeks
  • Offers a 90-day money-back guarantee


  • May work best in coordination with a complimentary treatment, as most customers noted Daily Glow was not the only product they were using for hair growth

Customers agree that the Daily Glow supplement helped improve the appearance of their hair and skin, with most noticing changes within two weeks of consistent use. They noted that the capsules were tasteless and easy to consume.

Most Eco-Conscious Brand: Earth Echo Collagen Peptides

Earth Echo
Earth Echo

Earth Eco’s mission is to help their customers feel good with the “most bioavailable, ethically sourced ingredients.” The company takes steps within each part of the manufacturing process to ensure that their product is made in a way that gives back to the environment. Ingredients are made with natural manufacturing methods, and materials for their packing are sourced through a partnership with Plastic Bank (a company that obtains plastic that would have otherwise been thrown away). Earth Eco offers a limited line of superfood blends and a dietary supplement.

The Collagen Peptides dietary supplement is a bovine formula that supports strong hair growth, healthy digestion, and a restful night’s sleep. In comparison to other collagen sources, bovine has been shown to be the most potent. Using the bovine formula can benefit other aspects of wellness, along with repairing hair thinning or loss.


  • Eco-conscious manufacturing
  • Partnership with Plastic Bank means each purchase removes plastic from the environment
  • Additional benefits related to the use of bovine as a source of collagen


  • No offer of a money-back guarantee

Customers agree that the tasteless powder mixes in great with their morning coffee, smoothie, yogurt, or even waffles for an added boost to the start of their day. After consistent use, they boast about stronger nails, thicker hair, and glowing skin.

Best Collagen Protein Powder: Organixx Clean Sourced Collagens


Organixx is an American-based company that was founded by Johnathan Hunsaker after his own health and wellness journey brought to light a gap in the supplement market for products with clean ingredients. This company is recognized as having a wide range of products to address common ailments with science-backed formulas. Its mission is to empower the customer to live a well-rounded, healthy lifestyle with a focus on education.

Their Clean Sourced Collagen is a protein powder that can be added to a variety of foods or drinks and boasts benefits that include supporting a strong immune system, promoting thicker hair and stronger nails, improving joint pain, and reducing wrinkles. The ingredients that make up the powder include four different sources of protein, two different sources of amino acids, a source of Vitamin C and Vitamin B6, as well as two different sources of medicinal plants and herbs. Dr. Melissa Gallagher, Organixx’s naturopathic physician, states that “consuming an assortment of collagen types yields the greatest results for [her] patients.”


  • Clear and mindful ingredients, including a variety of collagen-rich sources
  • Use of the company’s proprietary process that makes all of their supplements “bioavailable,” meaning that the maximum amount of nutrients is used by the body
  • Doctor consultation available


  • A one-month supply has 10 fewer servings than comparable products

Customers cheer the use of a variety of collagen types. Those who have used other collagen products state that they can discern a clear difference and note that the variety in the ingredients contributes to increased quality. Many customers specifically noted quick and clear improvements in the appearance of their skin, hair, and nails.

Best Family-Owned Brand: Paleovalley 100% Grass Fed Bone Broth Protein


Paleovalley was founded by husband and wife team, Autumn and Chase Smith, after finding the benefits of a Paleo diet and lifestyle helped alleviate long-standing medical concerns. They were inspired by their journey and set out to create “products with integrity that are free from problematic ingredients and teeming with ingredients that promote vibrant health.” The family-owned and operated company offers a small line of nutrient-dense products focused on providing opportunities for others to feel vibrant and healthy.

Their 100% Grass Fed Bone Broth Protein is a collagen-rich powder made from slow slimmed bone broth. Paleovalley prides themselves on using grass-fed and finished bones that are then simmered in filtered water for 48 hours to extract essential proteins and nutrients. They are also mindful of sourcing from pasture-raised cows, resulting in a product that has been found negative for at least 40 different pesticides and herbicides (as shown by third-party lab testing).


  • Collagen is sourced from bones instead of hides
  • Cow food sources free from pesticides and herbicides
  • Eco-conscious manufacturing, from sourced ingredients to the final product
  • Offer 60-Day money back guarantee


  • More costly than other comparable products for a 30-day supply

Customers consistently state that the attention to high-quality ingredients makes a difference when using the product. They noted that the product easily dissolves in a variety of foods or drinks, even water, and that the tasteless powder is an excellent addition to their morning coffee. While this collagen product has many benefits, customers noticed stronger nails and faster hair growth when adding the 100% Grass Fed Bone Broth Protein to their daily diet.

How We Chose Our Winners

While the best hair growth supplement is primarily based on individual needs, we created this list with some overall criteria in mind. When identifying the top hair growth supplements, we considered the product’s scientific basis and how the product works to promote hair growth.

We looked at the quality of sourced ingredients, along with the manufacturing process. Most importantly, we compared provided customer results for each product and noted which products aligned with different types of hair loss.

We looked at the evidence behind the product’s scientific basis and formula for treatment and how the product works to promote hair growth. Our winners’ ingredients adhered to evidence found in scientific research that showed positive results for hair growth and repair.

We also looked at where their ingredients were sourced and the attention to detail within the manufacturing process. Our winners paid meticulous attention to their entire production, from sourced ingredients to final packaging.

Lastly, reviewing customer results was important in choosing who led among the winners. Our top winners consistently had positive customer reviews indicating stronger and healthier hair, and our number one product showed new hair growth as a consistent customer result.

How do hair growth supplements work?

Hormonal hair growth treatments work by preventing androgen hormones from binding to and damaging hair follicles. As these treatments’ main goal is to prevent further hair thinning or loss by blocking the androgens, they are best used in combination with a supplement that promotes additional hair growth. But even in isolation, new hair growth has been reported as the hair follicles heal.

Vitamin-rich hair growth supplements work by providing nutrients to your diet that have been shown to promote the creation of keratin. This protein is essential for healthy hair, contributing to the hair’s structure. Increased keratin creates a stronger and more dense hair structure, resulting in reduced hair thinning and loss and a healthier shine.

Collagen-rich products work by sourcing collagen from at least one natural source, including bovine, poultry, pork, or marine. This structural protein is part of maintaining healthy skin, nails, and hair, as it plays a vital role in the cellular process.

All the mentioned products work best in coordination with a well-balanced and healthy lifestyle. An increase in overall health and well-being contributed to a healthier appearance, including skin and hair. If the body functions without proper nutrition, hair and skin are last in line to receive the needed proteins and vitamins. With abundant vitamins, the body can take care of the essential needs of the organs and provide enough to hair cells to promote growth.

How to Choose a Supplement for Your Needs

When considering a hair growth supplement for your specific needs, we suggest taking the first important step of identifying the possible cause of hair thinning, hair loss, or balding. This may mean consulting a doctor to evaluate the degree of hair loss and overall health or well-being.

The reason behind hair loss will determine the next best steps for treatment. If diagnosed with patterned balding, a prescription for a hormonal-based product will be the most effective for hair growth, hair repair, and even reversing hair loss. If hair loss is due to some other medical condition, adding a hair growth vitamin supplement to your daily routine along with doctor-recommended treatment to address other medical concerns could result in significant changes in the appearance of hair, as well as skin and nails.

The most important part of taking hair growth vitamins is to keep on track with daily use. It’s crucial to remain consistent with the chosen hair growth supplement, and it’s also important to consider how the treatment works into your daily routine and monthly budget. That’s why some may prefer the ease of a daily pill or gummy, while others may prefer to add a powder to their morning coffee.

How to Use Hair Growth Supplements

Hair growth supplements are rich in hair growth vitamins and are consumed orally, whether as a daily pill or as an additive to food or drink. Overall, they are designed to be part of a daily routine and used consistently over months of treatment. Each hair growth supplement should be taken as the manufacturer and your doctor directed.


Should I use a hair growth supplement every day?

Yes, customers indicated higher satisfaction with results following consistent use of supplements over at least several months of daily use.

Do hair supplements really work?

Research on treatment for patterned balding indicates that supplements targeting hormones related to the production and strengthening of hair can promote hair growth. There is less evidence on the use of hair growth vitamins as a part of daily supplements. However, significant evidence indicates that a healthier and balanced body promotes stronger and fuller hair.

How fast will I see results?

It can take time to see results from even the best hair growth supplements. Keep consistent with the treatment that aligns with your needs. Most customers indicated a noticeable change in appearance after about three months of consistent use.

Hair loss can affect all women’s health and well-being, whether from hormonal changes, scalp injury, other medical concerns, or genetic factors. The good news is that there are a variety of solutions for repairing hair damage, strengthening hair’s structure, and promoting hair growth. After identifying the reason for hair loss, you will be able to find the proper treatment for your individual needs and the right product that aligns with your daily routine.


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