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Shoppers Are Saying These Skinny Jeans Feel Like Leggings

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We love the look of denim. Loving the feel, however, is not quite as much of a guarantee. We’re usually perusing the leggings department if we’re feeling ultra lazy or need some comfy bottoms to get Us through a long day. But sometimes we want to feel the comfort of leggings and look stylish in jeans. And guess what? We can!

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The 1822 Denim Butter Skinny Jeans are the ultimate jeggings. They’re soft, they’re stretchy, and they’re still jeans! A “pair you’ll reach for again and again,” these jeans are suitable for everyday wear. Even with their comfy fit, style isn’t sacrificed, and we don’t have to risk appearing underdressed when we’re wearing them. In fact, if we’re going for a super skinny look, we can rely on these not to sag or awkwardly bunch around our knees or ankles. No one likes a saggy skinny jean — that’s what boyfriend jeans are for!

Butter Skinny Jeans Front

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As these jeans straddle the line between jeans and leggings, the Lennox color also straddles the line between a dark and medium wash. We like to call that The Comfort Zone, and we’re happily staying in it. The fashionable abrasion on the thighs creates a trendy washed-out look to subtly lighten up the deep blue of the material, forming a beautiful gradient effect. Artsy! This goes for the back of the jeans, too. No skimping on the details here.

Shoppers are obsessing over their favorite new pair of jeans, describing them as “super soft, lightweight and comfortable.” One shopper was excited by the fact that the jeans kept their shape all throughout the day, while another was thrilled that they actually found a pair that fit wonderfully after struggling with jean shopping so often in the past. We feel that. Every time we find a pair that fits our waists, they’re too loose around the ankle, and every time we approve of the ankle tapering, the waist is too loose. These Butter Skinny Jeans kiss that problem goodbye and slam the door behind it.

Many shoppers also pointed out how aptly named these Butter skinnies are. Their material is truly as smooth as butter, and just as we do with butter, we want to pair these jeans with pretty much everything. Whether it’s popcorn or a chic turtleneck, we know the perfect finishing touch. By “finishing touch,” we mean something that takes up half of our plate or outfit, to be clear.

Jeans are such a common staple in everyone’s wardrobe because of their incredible versatility. These jeans specifically take that to the next level because of their comfort and style. They’re dark enough to wear to work or to a night out, but casual enough to wear out to a mall trip or a lunch date with friends. They look amazing with booties, but they’re also perfect for longer, knee-high boots because of their skinny fit. Sneakers or flats are terrific options too! Throw a hooded sweatshirt on for a cozy day or lightly tuck a short-sleeved button-up into the low-rise waistband when dressing to impress. Play with colors, too! These jeans are a simple enough base for a crazy pattern or bright neon, but can easily match the muted vibe of black or gray.

Butter Skinny Jeans Back

The low price tag of these jeans is another reason we’re gushing. We spend more than this on dinner sometimes, and that’s a one-time experience. These jeans, though? We can wear them all the time! They’re the appetizer, the entrée, the dessert, the after-dinner “I’m still hungry” meal and more. Free shipping is the midnight snack! Yum. Why does a good deal taste so sweet?

Before claiming these “clean, uncluttered” jeggings to keep, note that it’s recommended to order one size down if we’re between sizes. The stretchiness is not to be underestimated! “They fit like a glove,” one shopper said after receiving their just-the-right-size pair. But, of course, it’s up to Us to decide what kind of fit we want! The 1822 Denim size guides are a great help.

How would we style our pair? We’re not fretting the details. We know that whatever each of our personal styles call for, these jeans will work for each of Us. Just make sure to shake Us awake if we’re getting a little too comfortable in them!

See it: Get the 1822 Denim Butter Skinny Jeans for just $39 from Nordstrom! Not your style? Check out more jeans and denim at Nordstrom!

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