Janet Jackson and Jermaine Dupri: No Plans for Wedding

They've been together since 2002 and have had their share of wedding rumors. But Janet Jackson and producer beau Jermaine Dupri still aren't ready to get hitched just yet.

"We're just excited about this new album coming out and that's what's going on," Dupri told Usmagazine.com at his Grammy Awards party at Central Hollywood Lounge over the weekend.

Will Jackson's album, Discipline (out February 26) change the couple's Valentine's Day plans?

"I don't know -- she's working," Dupri said. "I've got to try to slow her down."

While Jackson's away, Dupri will play ... video games, that is.

"I like to sit at home and play video games for hours," he admits. "I'm a video game fanatic. I play online and my name online is def1472 and anybody out there, want to play me, I'll play you. I play Guitar Hero," he adds. "You see my name, I'll play you and I'll beat your a--, I swear!"