Mena Suvari on Her Divorce: "I'm Really, Finally, Content"

Mena Suvari has no regrets about filing for divorce from husband Simone Sestito on January 13.

In Boston Common magazine's spring fashion issue, the 33-year-old American Reunion star denies reports that fame caused friction in her relationship with the Italian concert promoter. "I don't let that affect my personal relationships," Suvari says. "I'm very aquarius that way."

It's not the first time Suvari has given up on marriage. In 2005, she divorced cinematographer Robert Brinkmann after five years of marriage. Brinkmann was 17 years her senior.

"It's taken years to get to know myself. I had never really taken time to cultivate who I was," Suvari tells Boston Common. "I've felt drained by it. But I feel like I'm really, finally, content at this point in my life. I'm accepting of who I am and how diverse I am and honoring that. All of it."