Ricki Lake: How I Stuck to My Diet During the Holidays

After losing more than 125 pounds last year, Ricki Lake one of Us' Weight Winners of the Year, is still going strong with her diet. She showed off her sexy, svelte look at Wednesday's premiere of her new documentary, The Business of Being Born, in NYC. Though she admits "I did go for a big Christmas dinner," she said she managed to stick to her diet during the holiday season. "It was easy," she told Usmagazine.com. "I worked out throughout. I stayed home this year, I didn't go away. I got together with my trainer." What are her strategies for 2007? "I compensate – I eat then I workout that much harder," she said. "You have to be conscious and consistent." What foods still tempt her every now and then? "Chocolate and bread!" she said. But she said instead of wolfing down the whole bread basket, "I eat one piece." She said she still has meals delivered by Fresh Dining ("I'm not sick of it... yet!") but she has upped her calorie intake from 1,200 a day because "I work out more."

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