Selena Gomez Raps in Cleavage-Baring Shirt for EMA Spoof


For her second MTV Awards show hosting gig, Selena Gomez is ditching her clean, good-girl image.

In a new promo clip for the MTV European Music Awards, the 19-year-old swaps her sparkly Disney pop star status for a rapping, rougher alter ego.

Done up in heavy makeup and an open flannel shirt that exposes her bra, Gomez drops the beat, "Who else better than me to be hosting the show/ People know who the eff I is/ I'm a pro/ The right time and place for me to be/ Yeah, I'll say it/ Congratulations to me!"

But fans of the demure "Love You Like a Love Song" singer need not worry about her newfound edge or that she's ditching her pop roots for hip hop.

In the video on, a disclaimer runs at the beginning saying, "Some of the Selenas in this video are fictional. Any similarities to the actual Selena are purely coincidental."

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