George Lopez Does Drag as Alleged Arnold Mistress Mildred Baena

George Lopez just landed the interview of his life: with Mildred "Patty" Baena!

Not really. The longtime housekeeper to the Schwarzenegger-Shriver family and alleged mother to Arnold's illegitimate child hasn't been seen since the governor, 63, made his shocking confession one week ago.

But Lopez donned drag on Monday's episode of Lopez Tonight to play the Venezuelan-born Baena, 55, in a "world exclusive" interview.

As "Patty," Lopez joked that folks started to suspect her young son was father by the Terminator star when he could "bench 450 pounds and [was] very gropey!"

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And that's not her only famous love-child, "Patty" reveals -- noting other "sons" "Chuck Norris Jr." and "Jean-Claude Van Damme Jr."

Watch Lopez's spoof now.