Review | Keeping Up With the Kardashians

Credit: E!

Air Date: Sunday 6/12

Us Rating: ***

The always-on-the-go Kardashians are having a tough time keeping up with each other in the sixth season opener. Mom Kris is constantly at meetings or in her office, managing her girls' careers; Kourtney is swamped with unpacking her new mansion; and Kim is nurturing her booming brand and a fledgling, long-distance romance with NBA star Kris Humphries (now her fiance!).

Kourt's remedy for the suddenly disconnected clan? Organize a long-overdue family game night at her home. What comes next is predictable. Kris doesn't show up -- she's too overwhelmed hustling projects so that her daughters are "set for the rest of their lives." But she sends a regifted candle as an apology! Hurt feelings and bitter comments ensue, and even if the confrontations feel a little prefab, they're still compelling. Later, a Kim-Khloe showdown -- Khloe doesn't want to get to know Humphries, whom she thinks Kim will dump -- reveals yet another side of the sisters' complex dynamic. Keep those thrilling family fireworks coming! (E!, 10 P.M.)