Watch Jake Pavelka's Acting Debut!

Watch Jake Pavelka's Acting Debut!

Can Jake Pavelka act? Judge for yourself in the above clip.

On the Aug. 22. episode of Lifetime's Drop Dead Diva, he plays Toby Davlin, a suitor on faux dating show Finding the One who dumps one bachelorette for another, causing drama for the show's producer.

At the time he shot the role, Pavelka, 32, was splitting from Vienna Girardi.

Diva costar Camille Guaty told Us the breakup helped his performance.

"He literally discovered the news about Vienna while on set, moments before shooting this scene for the first time," Guaty told Us. He did "an incredible job!" she gushed, adding that his heartbreak "gave him something to work with."

Fun fact: Pavelka has always wanted to be an actor. Early in his career, he was even cast as a young Chuck Norris on Walker, Texas Ranger.

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