Jamie-Lynn Sigler

Full Name: Jamie-Lynn Sigler
Hometown: Jericho, NY
Relationship Status: Married to Cutter Dykstra
Birthday: May 15, 1981

Costume design: Perhaps not quite as style shape-shifting as her roles — Tony Soprano’s daughter to Turtle’s girlfriend to a punk, hipster assistant on Ugly Betty this fall — the Long Island-raised Sigler, 28, says she too loves “to play and dress my mood. Sometimes I feel a bit more downtown bohemian, lots of jewelry, big earrings, dresses. And sometimes I go ‘uptown,’ with preppier polos and khakis. To each their own in New York — no judgments!” Bada-bling: The former Meadow Soprano really loves her Daytona Rolex. “By far the most expensive accessory I own. It goes with everything. My wrist feels naked without it!” Best fashion tip: “The best fashion advice I got was from my mom,” she says. “If you have to tug, pull or tape too much, it’s not worth it!”Closet MVPs: “Black Louboutin flats, black Theory blazer, white Derek Lam blazer — I wear these the most.”

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