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Khloe Kardashian Calls Remi Bader ‘Perfection’ After Influencer Breaks Down Over Body-Shaming

Khloe Kardashian Calls Remi Bader ‘Perfection’ After the Model Responds to Body Shaming Comments
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Khloé Kardashian sent a heartfelt message to Remi Bader after the influencer opened up about her struggles with body-shaming.

Kardashian, 39, took to her Instagram Story on Monday, September 18, to share her loving words to Bader, 28. “Just a little @remibader appreciation post,” she captioned a photo of Bader from the Victoria’s Secret World Tour red carpet earlier this month. “You are perfection just as you are. Exactly as you come. In all phases, you are perfection. Never forget that your soul sparkles, your smile is magic and your heart is pure.”

Hours earlier, Bader shared an emotional TikTok addressing the negative comments she’s received about her weight. Bader gained a following on the platform for being candid about her wellness journey and disordered eating recovery but seemingly reached her breaking point.

“There’s been a ridiculous amount lately of body-shaming and [people] saying things I already know … like how much bigger I got, how much weight I’ve gained and how unhealthy I look,” she said in the video. “I decided tonight that I’m no longer gonna do that [publicly]. My health journey will now be my business. Whether I choose to gain or lose weight, medications I take, supplements I take, my workout routine, whatever it is, I’m not gonna share.”

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Bader tearfully continued: “I want to share with the world everything going on in my day to day because I feel like that’s so true to me, but shaming someone [for] the way they look is so disgusting. It’s very, very hard. It’s really hard to see this every day. It’s not fair to see mean, mean things. I’m taking care of myself the best I can. … Even if you don’t like me, just stop commenting on my body.”

Like Bader, Kardashian has been open about her own weight loss over the years and has frequently spoken about her ever-changing look. During season 3 of The Kardashians, she confessed that her insecurities largely come “from other people,” noting that she “had the most confidence” when she was younger.


I’m not going anywhere but my personal health journey will no longer be shared with you all. Thanks for understanding.

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“I was chubby and in a skinny bodycon dress and you couldn’t tell me otherwise,” she continued. “Society gave me insecurities.”

In a confessional, Kardashian added: “I have been torn apart [since] the minute that I went on TV. I didn’t look like my sisters, so therefore it isn’t good enough. And then when I started changing my look … [and] there are still people constantly bullying you. So which one is it? You didn’t like me then and you don’t like me now.”

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Bader previously praised Kardashian while trying on her items from Good American, calling the cofounder her “one true inspiration in life.” She dished on their connection last year, telling People that she was “freaking out” when she met Kardashian.

“That’s someone I’ve truly loved my whole life growing up. Even when I started all this and my friends were like, ‘Do you think you’d ever meet Khloe?’ I’m like, ‘Oh no, there’s no way I would ever! That’s just so far out of my realm,’” Bader added. “So the fact that I have met her, we talk and I would say that we have a friendship, I think is really surreal. But also you just realize too, she’s a normal person.”

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