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Rachel Bilson Breaks Down How She Uses Her Daughter’s Baby Potty to Deal With ‘Pee Anxiety’

Rachel Bilson Uses Daughter Briar Baby Potty
Paras Griffin/Getty Images

Rachel Bilson doesn’t mind sharing her experience with “pee anxiety” — including the surprising item that has helped her face the issue.

“I do keep my daughter’s baby potty from when she was little in the way back of the car. And if I have to go, I put it in the back seat and I pee in it and dump it,” Bilson, 42, detailed during the Wednesday, September 20, episode of the “Women on Top” podcast. “I have my spray bottle with soap. I have a whole thing. I am a pee-er you guys.”

The actress, who shares 8-year-old daughter Briar Rose with ex Hayden Christensen, admitted she “cannot hold” her pee when she is in a public place. Instead, Bilson has developed a system when it comes to going to the bathroom outside of her home.

“If I hover, I get pee fright, and I feel pressure, and it’s not gonna come out. I have to sit or stand,” she continued. “If I am in heels, I’m kind of standing more than bending over. Literally just standing with your legs apart and the toilet is underneath you. And then your body is more relaxed and it doesn’t feel the pressure like I’m squatting. I have to pee, it just comes out.”

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Bilson is not the only celebrity who has opened up about having bathroom concerns. Kim Kardashian previously discussed the process she has in place for similar situations.

“I travel with a cup in the backseat of the car with a Ziplock of wet wipes. My mom [Kris Jenner] almost threw up when she drove me to Palm Springs. I bring like a Thermos and she’s like, ‘I am going to gag,'” Kardashian, 42, recalled on her Hulu reality series in November 2022.

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Meanwhile, Kardashian’s sister Kendall Jenner dealt with an unexpected panic attack while filming the series. The incident led to her peeing in an ice bucket on the way to the 2022 Met Gala.

Rachel Bilson Uses Daughter Briar Baby Potty
Kendall Jenner and Kim Kardashian Kevin Mazur/VF22/WireImage for Vanity Fair

“That is so mortifying for whoever has to deal with my pee later. I am so sorry,” the model, 27, said before peeing on camera. “It is going to happen, but someone needs to throw on music because I can’t let you all listen to me pee.”

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She added: “I am getting pee all over my underwear but who cares. There’s pee on my feet. There’s a fun story that there is pee on my foot.”

During the episode, Jenner admitted that her anxiety has affected her life in big ways. “I am legit going to cry — but it is fine,” she concluded. “The weirdest part about anxiety and panic attacks is they just come sometimes for me and there’s no rhyme or reason. I didn’t invite it. It just happens.”

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