DOMA Ruling: Celebs React to Supreme Court’s Decision

Lena Dunham, Leonardo DiCaprio and Andy Cohen all tweeted their happiness over the DOMA ruling on Wednesday, June 26.  Neilson Barnard/Getty Images; Taylor Hill/FilmMagic; Paul Morigi/Getty Images

Rejoice! After the U.S. Supreme Court declared The Defense of Marriage Act "unconstitutional" and gave legally married same-sex couples the same federal rights as heterosexual couples on Wednesday, June 26, celebs quickly celebrated the landmark ruling via Twitter.

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Andy Cohen: "I never dreamed I would see this day. The whole world has changed for us all. I can't believe it!! #DOMA #Equality" 

Leonardo DiCaprio: "Historic day. Well done #SCOTUS."

Bridget Marquardt: "Yay! Great news to wake up to!! ‏@glaad Supreme Court strikes down #DOMA and returns marriage to California!"

Lena Dunham: "Don't wanna traffic in stereotypes but let's be real: I'm gonna love a gay wedding … No one be shocked if I get married and pregnant with a daughter today in a slightly premature fit of joy #americathebeautiful"

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Adam Lambert: "Down w DOMA! Something to be very proud of this upcoming July 4th. We are making beautiful progress for Equality! #proud"

Sarah Hyland: "Proud to be an American on a day like today. #DOMA found unconstitutional. Equality and love overrule <3" 

Russell Brand: "If you're gay married in California your gay marriage is now legal. Good. #allmarriageisabitgay"

Padma Lakshmi: "Hurray for all Americans and good riddance to DOMA. It's a new day. A happy day."

Bryan Greenberg: "Equality is inevitable. Good job #SCOTUS on voting down #Doma #Prop8 #MarriageEquality #LoveIsLove"


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Alyssa Milano: "A big day for equality and human rights. I'm smiling so big right now."

Jesse Tyler Ferguson: "Remember the old days when #DOMA was around and gay people couldn't get married in California? Crazy right!?"

Busy Philipps: "I am SO beyond happy to wake up to the news of DOMA and Prop 8 being voted unconstitutional! FINALLY!"

President Barack Obama: "Today's DOMA ruling is a historic step forward for #MarriageEquality. #LoveIsLove"

Jamie-Lynn Sigler: "Amazing news to wake up to this morning. !! #DOMA #SCOTUS"

Jennifer Carpenter: "Today is the day DOMA died and LOVE won!! Life, liberty the pursuit of happiness AND LOVE FOR ALL!!! #DOMA"

Aviva Drescher: "Such a monumental moment in world history of #equality as the #DOMA is marked unconstitutional & struck down. #glaad #sogaysowhat #gayrights"

Piers Morgan: "RIP bigotry. #SCOTUS #DOMA"

Ellen DeGeneres: "It's a supremely wonderful day for equality. Prop 8 is over, and so is DOMA. Congratulations everyone. And I mean everyone."

Kevin Bacon: "Great news today!! #domafail #prop8"

Ben Flajnik: "finally our great state of CA got something right. #onelove #prop8"

Nick Jonas: "We are all equal and have the right to love. So proud to be an American. #equality"

Bethenny Frankel: "Beautiful news this morning! A historic day for the US and equality. #LoveIsLove"

Jenna Ushkowitz: "What an exciting, historic day. #lovealwayswins #equalityforall"

Brooklyn Decker: "#DOMA is dead!!!!!!!!!!! Wow wow wow what a HUGE day for our country. Finally, finally."

John Stamos: "I'm so happy about today's decision I could kiss a man!"

Demi Lovato: "Gay, straight, lesbian, bi.. No one is better than any one else. What an incredible day for California AND for equality. OUR LOVE WAS MADE, #MadeInTheUSA!!!!!!! #equality #Marriage4ALL #NOH8"

Kyle Richards: "Yes!!! What an incredible day! So happy to see this day finally is here! #equality #DOMA #prop8 #LoveIsLove"

Harry Shum Jr.: "In all seriousness, congrats America. You win today. How this was even an issue still blows my mind. #LoveIsLove"

Adam Shankman: "I would like to humbly thank the #SCOTUS 4 acknowledging I am equal, I can finally, legally marry my tru love. #sobbing #equality"

Lady Gaga: "We stand tall today. #DomaStruckDown So many fought for so long. Be proud, the prejudice are now the minority."

Debra Messing: "Today is a good day. A great day. A historic day. So proud of our country. #love&equalityforall"

Lea Michele: "What amazing and beautiful news today! Goodbye #doma goodbye #prop8! #LoveIsLove!!!"

Sandra Lee: "Freedom, liberty, justice, equality–for every one. Today, the Supreme Court has declared the Defense of Marriage Act unconsititutional. Prop 8, you're next! As a citizen of the United States and a human being, I defend the right of everyone–all ethnicities, every race, creed and gender to live a full life, free of prejudice of any kind."

Ricki Lake: "I smell some fabulous wedding invites in my future. #equality #doma"

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