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Captain Lee ‘Was Surprised’ Kyle Cooke Avoided Him at BravoCon, Calls Not Talking to Him a Highlight

Captain Lee Was Surprised Kyle Cooke Avoided Him at BravoCon Calls Not Talking to Him a Highlight promo Everything Chiefs Coach Andy Reid Has Said About Travis Kelce Taylor Swift 107
Captain Lee Rosbach, Kyle Cooke. Bravo (2)

Captain Lee Rosbach was fine with not running into Kyle Cooke at BravoCon.

“I was surprised to hear that Kyle Cooke said he avoided me at BravoCon,” the Below Deck alum, 73, said during the Wednesday, November 15, episode of his “Salty With Captain Lee” podcast. (Lee was responding to Cooke telling The Messenger that he “kind of walked by” Lee at BravoCon and was trying to keep his distance throughout the weekend.)

When his cohost, Sam DeCavalcanti, asked if not crossing paths with Cooke, 41, was a “highlight” for Lee, the captain replied, “I don’t know [if it was a highlight]. The fact that I didn’t have to talk to him probably might have been.”

Lee went on to say that he wasn’t offended about Cooke’s decision to steer clear of him. “It was funny just to find out he was actually avoiding me. He flatters me. I think, I am not sure,” he quipped. “That was an unusual moment at BravoCon.”

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Before the Las Vegas event earlier this month, Lee suggested that Cooke should shoulder some blame for his Summer House costars Carl Radke and Lindsay Hubbard calling it quits.

“You know the guy who really kind of ticks me off in that whole situation? Kyle,” Lee shared on the November 1 episode of podcast. “I think he contributed to a certain degree.”

Captain Lee Was Surprised Kyle Cooke Avoided Him at BravoCon Calls Not Talking to Him a Highlight promo Everything Chiefs Coach Andy Reid Has Said About Travis Kelce Taylor Swift 108
Greg Doherty/Bravo

Lee questioned why Cooke spoke about Hubbard, 37, on Summer House while she was dating his best friend. “Like that one night he got totally s–t-faced drunk and called Lindsay everything under the book that you could think of in front of Carl,” he recalled, referring to a season 7 scene. “And Carl sat there and took it and didn’t get all bent out of shape and aggressive on him. Which he had every right to do.”

Radke and Hubbard, 38, were set to exchange vows in Mexico this month after getting engaged in August 2022. Three months before the ceremony, Radke ended their engagement in a scene caught by cameras for season 8.

“Kyle comes out and says he could see the cracks in the relationship. Wake up, you were part of the cracks. You are supposed to be Carl’s best friend, and all you do every waking moment that you’re talking to Carl is badmouthing Lindsay. Is that what friends do?” Lee said. “I feel bad for both of them. I think people that don’t know should realize that they don’t know, and they shouldn’t speculate because their words have impact. I don’t know how Kyle and Carl stayed friends.”

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Cooke told The Messenger at BravoCon that he wasn’t sure Lee was up to date on the Summer House drama: I have to assume he’s not quite well versed with the history of our show. I don’t think he quite understands the full history. I know he’s been a good friend to Carl, and Lindsay for that matter. I was a little surprised.”

Cooke previously admitted he wasn’t shocked by the high-profile breakup.

“It is a very tough topic. I was rooting for them even though I saw the cracks in the foundation. I was not surprised based on what I was privy to,” he said during a Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen appearance in October. “Calling off a wedding is probably harder than proposing and so I did not think that it might actually happen, because it is drastic. That kind of gives you a sense of the current state.”

Cooke claimed he had a “front-row seat” to Radke and Hubbard’s ups and downs over the summer.

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“My take on it is I don’t think Carl knew he was actually calling it off until the very conversation was happening. I didn’t catch wind of that being the outcome until after the fact. It was that much in the moment,” he added. “I would like to hope that they can share a summer house because it would be a shame if our little run here would come to an end.”

Hubbard offered her own insight into the breakup.

“I don’t like this narrative that we fought all summer. We did not fight all summer — at all,” she told Us at BravoCon on November 4. “That’s why it was an ultimate blindsiding, because we had a couple of arguments in the beginning. Normal couples [have] arguments.”

According to Hubbard, she had a “great summer” before the “last couple of weeks” changed everything.

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“It was like, ‘What is happening right now?’ So, this whole idea that it was like we had a rough summer [is wrong]. This was the best summer,” she added. “It was the most fun summer in the last couple of years of Summer House. Even Kyle agrees! Everyone agrees with that. All the girls, everyone. I don’t like this narrative that this was a rough summer, because it was not.”

While Radke denied Hubbard’s comments about him planning to end the engagement on camera, he hasn’t gone into too much detail — and seemingly doesn’t have immediate plans to. Lee noted on Wednesday’s episode that his recent conversation with Radke about the split won’t see the light of day.

“We did record an interview with Carl Radke. I think the fans heard because I’ve had some people questioning me about, ‘OK, we heard the tease. Where is it?’ I’m sorry to inform you that it will not be aired and that was not my call,” he revealed. “If you would like to find out why, I guess you could ask Carl Radke. We did do it. We did record it but it will not be played. So I apologize to all of you who thought you were going to be hearing it. That was my intention but things just didn’t work out.”

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