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Breaking Down The Valley’s Onscreen Chaos: From Jesse Getting Physical to Michelle’s Secret Boyfriend

Breaking Down The Valley Onscreen Chaos
Felix Kunze/Bravo

The newest episode of The Valley is definitely one for the Bravo history books.

During the newest episode, which aired on Tuesday, April 23, Michelle Lally and Jesse Lally‘s marital woes were at the center of the drama. The Valley cast weighed in on whether they thought Michelle and Jesse had a future together before reuniting at an absolutely unhinged group dinner — but more on that later.

Michelle was seen spending quality time with her and Jesse’s 4-year-old daughter, Isabella, earlier in the episode.

“Ever since Jesse and I had a truly honest conversation, we have just been going through the motions and focusing on Isabella,” she explained in a confessional. “All she knows is bickering and fighting. I realize that it would be better to raise Isabella where she can see two people love each other instead of two people always fighting. I don’t want her to grow up to think that is normal.”

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Meanwhile, Jesse told Danny Booko and Jason Caperna that he still had hope for his relationship.

“I am working with this coach, and yesterday, on our call he was talking about ego,” Jesse shared with his costars. “He set me up with this guy who does plant-based medicine work. So he proposed that I do psilocybin and ayahuasca.”

He continued: “I want to step outside of myself and see my ego on the inside and be like, ‘Is that the Jesse that alienates people because he can?’ And I know I use my aggression to shut the whole table up. But it is not empowerment. It is just being a monster without making people feel safe.”

Unbeknownst to Jesse and Michelle, their fellow cast members Jax Taylor, Kristen Doute, Jasmine Goode and Janet Caperna discussed the pair on screen. Jax, specifically, questioned Michelle’s friendship with an unnamed director before claiming that she was also allegedly texting other men.

As for Kristen, she notably brought up multiple times on the show that she was protecting Michelle’s secrets, which her boyfriend Luke Broderick also hinted at in a confessional. The situation came to a head at the end of the episode when the cast tried to enjoy a meal together but their drama ultimately made that impossible.

Keep scrolling for a breakdown of the cast confrontation that had everything from fights to claims of infidelity:

Getting Off to a Bad Start

Breaking Down The Valley Onscreen Chaos
Casey Durkin/Bravo

Before the cast members sat down at a table in a private room at the Mondrian, Jax unveiled his partnership with a hair loss brand. Jax and Jesse then broke off from the group to walk around and see other company pop-ups, which included a woman promoting her clothing store. When Michelle tried to track Jesse down, she saw him chatting up the woman.

The tense moment continued when Jesse and Michelle got to dinner. Michelle mentioned to Jesse and Jax that she was cold — but it wasn’t her husband who offered her his jacket. Michelle subsequently told Jesse that he looked “too serious,” which wasn’t well received.

“That’s OK. I look what I look,” he said before elaborating in a confessional. “I haven’t been feeling great all day because what nobody knows is that two hours before I left, I had an hour-long session with [my life coach] Scott. I had this realization that my marriage may be over. Michelle is talking about leaving me — it sucks.”

After Jax and Jason questioned Jesse’s mood, Michelle loudly joined in.

“I’m wondering whether my husband is OK,” she said in front of Jesse. “Everyone wants to know what the hell is wrong with you and to wake up. Nobody knows the quiet Jesse.”

Jesse, however, wasn’t thrilled to be the center of attention, adding, “What’s wrong with me? Why don’t you propose something that will actually keep me awake. Everyone is saying I’m not interesting. People keep asking me what is wrong. Can’t I just eat dinner? And have another half a dozen drinks?”

Brittany Cartwright and Kristen both appeared unhappy with Jesse’s antics. In response to Kristen calling Jesse “rude,” he slammed the table, which he previously did at a separate cast outing earlier in the season.

Kristen made it clear she was “not doing this again,” saying, “It’s not funny, it’s not cute. You’re a father, you are a husband and you are a grown ass man.”

Jesse stood his ground when he replied that he wasn’t “being aggressive” with his behavior.

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Separate Drama at the Same Dinner Table

Breaking Down The Valley Onscreen Chaos
Casey Durkin/Bravo

After Jesse expressed his frustration, the rest of the cast broke out into separate discussions. Kristen expressed to boyfriend Luke how annoyed she was by Jesse’s actions for the second time in several weeks.

“He’s so disrespectful and disgusting. He’s such a f—king douche. His own wife calls him a douche. Can you imagine if I called you a douchebag?” she asked, to which Luke answered, “I mean, you have.”

Kristen and Luke subsequently broke out into a separate argument about how she never called him a “douchebag.” Luke didn’t agree and maintained that Kristen used those words about him in the past.

Amid the back and forth, Kristen pointed out that she was the only one sober at the table besides Nia Booko. Kristen then told the rest of the cast that she wanted to “politely excuse” herself so she and Luke could head home.

“It’s f—king abusive and it’s s—tty and I don’t like the aggression,” Kristen said before Janet openly mocked her use of the word abusive.

Jasmine also didn’t agree with Kristen’s take on the situation, noting in a confessional, “Kristen has this offensive bingo card. She’s checking off all the boxes. Girl, calm yourself.”

Before Kristen left the table, Jesse told her to calm down, as well. Her friend Zack Wickham, meanwhile, yelled her name multiple times in an attempt to get her to stop talking. Danny also tried to get in on the conversation by raising his hand to say something but his wife shut him down.

“Put your hand down. You don’t need to comment,” Nia told Danny quietly. “Put your hand down. You are being really annoying.”

Kristen stepped out into the hallway right outside the room. As for Jesse, he tried to change the subject.

“Has anybody been to Burning Man? Does anybody want to go? It seems very salty. Like my balls,” he quipped before Michelle told him to stop talking. “I didn’t want to f—king talk and I didn’t want to be here. Then I started talking and you can’t tell me to stop talking.”

At the other side of the table, Jasmine asked Jax about his hair loss partnership, which he didn’t care to address, saying, “I don’t want to talk about that anymore. I’m over it.”

Getting the Producers Involved Offscreen

Breaking Down The Valley Onscreen Chaos
Casey Durkin/Bravo

In the hallway, an offscreen producer urged Kristen to calm down. Their conversation was only heard but cameras were initially not pointed in that direction yet.

“What do you mean calm down? He’s acting like a f—king psycho,” Kristen told the producer. “He’s f—king banging his hands on the table again? This is turning into trash. He’s a really horrific human, but I don’t want to out their whole f—king marriage and everything I know about it. And I won’t do it.”

Kristen’s claims were overheard by Jesse, who at that point stepped out into the hallway as well.

“If you bring out any skeletons that I don’t already know about my wife, I will f—king bury you,” Jesse said to Kristen. The Vanderpump Rules alum tried to convince Jesse that she wouldn’t speak ill of his family publicly, to which he added, “Yeah, you would. Because you are so f—king irrelevant.”

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All Hell Breaks Loose

Breaking Down The Valley Onscreen Chaos
Casey Durkin/Bravo

By that point, Luke also stepped into the hallway and tried to move Jesse away from Kristen. Michelle, however, wasn’t thrilled at Luke getting involved and she also joined the group outside, where she told Kristen’s boyfriend not to touch Jesse.

Jesse subsequently got into a heated discussion with Luke in the background while Michelle reacted to Kristen’s behavior.

“[Jesse] didn’t do anything. Don’t start more drama,” Michelle fired back as she started yelling at Kristen. “So what did you do now? Stop with the f—king protecting. I want you to shut the f—k up. Protect me from what? I am f—king tired of this. Do you know what you have done to my marriage and my life and my daughter?”

In a confessional, Kristen offered her side of the story, saying, “I protect my friends. I protect the people that are important to me and Michelle is important to me.”

Michelle also opened up to the cameras about why she didn’t believe Kristen.

“Kristen might be saying she’s protecting me but it feels like she’s threatening me,” Michelle noted before being asked what secrets Kristen was hiding for her. “What can I say? I no longer understand Kristen.”

Viewers then got to hear a portion of Jesse’s conversation with Luke.

“She’s saying she could bury me with her secrets about my family,” Jesse told Luke about Kristen. “My f—king family. If you get involved in my family, I will bury you.”

Stirring the Pot

Breaking Down The Valley Onscreen Chaos
Casey Durkin/Bravo)

With the situation only escalating more and more, Luke attempted to lead Kristen away. Kristen didn’t back down and accused Jesse of saying things behind Michelle’s back. Michelle — whose nipple was now out and censored by Bravo — and Jesse encouraged Kristen to explain what she meant by her comment.

“Your husband said that he is going to divorce you within two months,” Kristen claimed. However, Kristen appeared to be referring to what Jesse told Jax about Michelle planning to end their marriage within the next few months.

Jax confirmed that Kristen got the rumor wrong, telling the cameras, “Oh yeah, that’s bulls—t. That was never said. It’s the other way around. It is Michelle who is going to leave Jesse in two months.”

Jesse’s anger at Kristen continued to grow as he warned Luke to keep his girlfriend under control. “Who said that you f—king lying, cheating — you better get her in check because I swear to God,” Jesse said. “You better get her in check.”

Luke did not react well to Jesse, asking, “Or what? You’re going to put your hands on her?”

Things Get Physical

Breaking Down The Valley Onscreen Chaos
Casey Durkin/Bravo

While Jesse and Luke squared off, Zach stepped in and urged Jesse to stop. Jesse started to walk away from the situation but turned back around when Luke said his problem was his wife.

“I am at the end of my rope as far as dealing with his f—king ass,” Luke said in a confessional about Jesse. “He’s crossing lines every f—king day.”

Jesse tried to come at Luke but Zach was in the way so he pushed him. Jesse ended up slamming Zach into the wall before shoving Brittany to the side to get to Luke. Producers stepped in to move Jesse and Luke to different corners. Luke, however, maintained that he wasn’t going to get physical and it was Jesse they needed to stop.

“I was backing up the whole time,” Luke said. “He wants to come after Kristen, I am not going to let that happen.”

Michelle stepped in and told everyone to go back into the hotel room. Luke and Kristen were the only ones who didn’t follow Michelle inside and instead headed for the exit.

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Dropping a Bombshell

Breaking Down The Valley Onscreen Chaos
Casey Durkin/Bravo

“I’m not gonna drop it to everybody. But I’ll say the f—king truth I don’t care. The truth about their f—king relationship,” Luke told Kristen as they left the hotel. “They are both trash. They literally are both trash. Jesse is clearly a narcissistic asshole and she wouldn’t even have a conversation with him. It’s clearly both of them. Neither of them are all in by any means.”

Kristen admitted in a confessional that she was still “holding all of” Michelle’s “secrets.” As Luke kept complaining about Jesse and Michelle, Kristen dropped a major bombshell about Michelle and Jesse’s marriage.

“Because she had a f—king boyfriend for a year. There we all said it. Now she’s protecting him and not me,” Kristen claimed. “About a year ago, Michelle and Jesse were very unhappy. Michelle had a guy. She was seeing him, they were hanging out. I was not against any of this because I think Jesse is a piece of s—t.”

Kristen added: “I didn’t sign up for this all over again. Just to go through it again. I would rather be on Vanderpump Rules.”

Months after filming wrapped on season 1 of The Valley, Us Weekly confirmed that Jesse and Michelle called it quits. Michelle has since denied Jax’s insinuation that her friendship with the unnamed director was anything more than a business transaction. She also recently revealed on social media that she was dating someone new.

The Valley airs on Bravo Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET and is available to stream on Peacock the next day.

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