Brandi Glanville Dishes on Tense Counseling Sessions With LeAnn Rimes

Credit: Steven Lawton/FilmMagic; Steve Jennings/

If those therapist office's walls could talk!

Brandi Glanville says she tried -- in vain -- to talk it out with LeAnn Rimes with the help of a trained professional.

"I did try some counseling with LeAnn, but it did not go so well for one reason or another," Glanville tells Radaronline of Rimes, 28, her ex-husband Eddie Cibrian's new fiancee.

Rimes and Cibrian's steamy affair ended both of their marriages. (Rimes divorced Dean Sheremet last year.)

"At times I feel like they are blaming me, although I don't really quite know why," the former model adds. "But I understand it is a process and that our sons have to come first."

Glanville and Cibrian are parents to Mason, 7, and Jake, 3.

"There is still a lot of animosity but hopefully, one day, we can move through that and get to a better place," Glanville said. "Divorce is very tough but going through it in public makes it really hard."