Casey Anthony Sentenced 4 Years, But May Be Free Within a Month

Credit: Joe Burbank-Pool/Getty Images

Casey Anthony may soon be going home.

On Thursday, an Orlando judge sentenced Anthony, 25, to four years in prison for lying to detectives during the July 2008 search for her 2-year-old daughter Caylee, who was found dead that summer. Despite the sentence, Anthony could leave jail by late July or early August because she has already served nearly three years in prison and has exhibited good behavior.

In a Tuesday jury verdict that shocked the country, Anthony was found not guilty for Caylee's murder. Despite that acquittal, she was found guilty on four counts for lying to investigators following Caylee's disappearance.

She was also fined $1,000 for each count.

Juror Jennifer Ford told ABC News "we were sick to our stomach to get that verdict...We were crying...It was emotional and we weren't ready."

"I did not say she was innocent," Ford said. "I just said there was not enough evidence. If you cannot prove what the crime was, you cannot determine what the punishment should be."

"I have no idea what happened to that child," Ford said.