FAA to Investigate Balloon Boy Incident

Credit: ABC

The hits keep on coming for Richard and Mayumi Heene.

As the amateur scientists and would-be reality stars from Fort Collins, Colo. stare down potential criminal charges as well as scrutiny from Child Protective Services, their newest worry is the Federal Aviation Authority (FAA).

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The FAA plans to investigate the Oct. 15 "balloon boy" incident to ascertain whether the Heenes violated regulations that prohibit the launch of large unmanned balloons, the Washington Post reports.

Specifically, by launching their manmade balloon without proper notification, the Heenes could have dangerously interfered with air traffic. If charged, they face "financial penalties or an 'enforcement letter'," the Post reports.

Colorado's Larimer County Sheriff Jim Alderden noted Monday that it may take a week or longer for criminal charges to filed against Richard Heene, 43, for staging a hoax (the false disappearance of son Falcon, 6) and endangering their child.