Oops: Find Out Whose Name Was Misspelled on the Walk of Fame!

Credit: John Shearer/WireImage.com


Julia Louis-Dreyfus celebrated a major career milestone Monday morning when she unveiled her very own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame -- too bad it was misspelled!

David Daniel, an entertainment producer (and blogger) for CNN, noticed the brand-new star hours before the unveiling ceremony. Spelled as "Julia Luis Dreyfus," the sidewalk plaque was missing an "O" and a hyphen.

Daniel alerted two "startled" workmen, and then contacted a press rep for the Walk of Fame about the glaring error, who admitted she "almost puked" about the mistake.

But the Seinfeld actress found the gaffe "hysterical" and wanted the star kept as it was -- but workmen had chiseled out the "Luis" and replaced it with a temporary "Louis" for the unveiling. The star will be permanently repaired soon.

Louis-Dreyfus' parting gift from the incident: the misspelled "Luis."