Playgirl on X-Rated Tiger Shots: "We're Trying to Authenticate Them"

Celebrity News Dec. 7, 2009 AT 6:06PM
Playgirl on X-Rated Tiger Shots: "We're Trying to Authenticate Them" Credit: Olivier Douliery/ABACAUSA.COM

From Sports Illustrated to Playgirl?

Following Monday's report that explicit photos of Tiger Woods are being considered for publication by Playgirl, a rep for the magazine cleared the air to

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"We're in the process of authenticating the photos to see if the offer is real," Daniel Nardico, Playgirl's Marketing Director, tells Us. wrote that another alleged Woods mistress had reached out to Playgirl with cell phone shots of the golfer's genitalia.

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As Nardico delicately puts it, "You can take photos of anyone and would it even be worth it, without a way to truly identify him?  So, our attorneys our accessing for possible monetary worth.

Nardico, who hasn't seen the photos himself, says that the woman offering up the photos is "another [mistress] that is going to come out. She's not out yet. I don't have any [more] information."

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