Colin Farrell: I'm Surprisingly Monogamous

Credit: Michael Rozman/Warner Bros

Despite his playboy reputation, Colin Farrell is a one-woman kind of guy.

During a Friday appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, the 34-year-old Horrible Bosses actor says he's single -- and he's not exactly on the prowl, either.

"I was never much for dating," he explains. "I was much for a few things, but I kind of usually went decent-ish amount of time."

"So you're a monogamous person?" host Ellen DeGeneres asks.

"Yeah?" Farrell, who has two sons from two different relationships, responds.

"That was a question," DeGeneres, 53, laughs. "That was not an answer."

"No, I think when I answer yes to something like that, I'm kind of shocked myself that I'm answering yes," Farell explains. "That's why it was a question. I'm kind of like, 'Colin do you really believe yourself?'"