Country Star Colt Ford Takes on Twilight!

Even Nashville's finest are Twi-hards! Country singer Colt Ford, who is no stranger to mixing things up given his penchant for throwing hip-hop into his tunes, just decided to pay tribute to Bella, Jacob and Edward with "Chicken and Biscuits," his newest video and the title track off his current disc.

Taking the the role of Edward Cullen from Rob Pattinson for the clip was easy for Ford, who is already a major fan of the book and film series.

"Twilight is such a great love story, and 'Chicken and Biscuits' is a love song about my wife and all country girls," Ford tells "I think the concept of this video is really funny. I hope everyone likes it as much as I do."

Beware of one major plot twist, though: Ford puts a Southern spin on the storyline by replacing Edward's fiending for blood with an insatiable hunger for Bella's home-cooked title entrée.

Check it out above!

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