Crystal Bowersox: "I'm Not Mad" at Ryan Seacrest

Credit: F Micelotta/American Idol 2010/Getty Images for Fox

Crystal Bowersox has buried the hatchet with Ryan Seacrest.

Seacrest recently told E! News that he talked a stressed Bowersox out of quitting American Idol by telling her, "You can buy your mom a house!" after hitting it big.

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Bowersox, 24, then reportedly texted ousted Top 24 contestant Katelyn Epperly that she was "Betrayed by Seacrest!" after he revealed the story.

Explained Bowersox at Tuesday night's Idol, "We had a conversation, but it definitely didn't go down the way it has been portrayed. We had a simple, civil conversation.

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"Ryan gave me great advice, and I highly respect him," the Ohio native tells Us. "I am not mad at Ryan Seacrest. He is a great man. We just bumped into each other and had a good talk."

Still, Bowersox insists she "never intended on quitting.

"It has been an amazing journey out there so far," she added.