Eddie Cibrian Gets Job as "Ultimate Playboy"

Credit: Mark Sullivan/WireImage.com

Eddie Cibrian can stop collecting unemployment now.

Deadline reports that the talked-about actor and fiance to LeAnne Rimes has been cast in a new NBC drama pilot with an intriguing title: Playboy.

Cibrian, 37, will replace actor Jeff Hephner, who was originally slated for the role.

With shooting scheduled to begin in Chicago next Tuesday, the show is set at the Playboy Club in the midwestern city in 1963. CSI: Miami vet Cibrian plays Nick Dalton, an attorney described as "the ultimate playboy," Deadline says.

Known as a "fixer," Dalton has mafia ties and the keys to a "glamorous, exclusive club."

Cibrian -- whose marriage to Brandi Glanville went down in flames in 2009 following his torrid on-set affair with Rimes -- has been out of work since doing some episodes on NBC's Chase last year.