Review | Horrible Bosses

Credit: John P. Johnson

Opens: Friday 7/8

Us Rating: ***

Jennifer Aniston gets hilariously kinky in this outlandish comedy. Her potty-mouthed dentist hits on hygienist Dale (Charlie Day), who complains to his buddies Nick (Jason Bateman) and Kurt (Jason Sudeikis) -- guys who also are being harassed by their employers. The bosses' behavior contributes some of the funniest bits, like Colin Farrell's repulsive cokehead exec ordering Kurt to fire a colleague because he's in a wheelchair.

When the trio decides to murder their superiors, the movie gains a giddy momentum, rolling from one disaster to the next. Along the way, Bateman perfects his uptight slow burn, while Day amps up the neurotic hysteria. Sure, a sex-crazed Aniston salaciously eating a banana feels cheap. But her comedic talents have always shined brightest when she's part of a talented ensemble like this one.