Review | Undercovers

Credit: Chris Haston

Air date: Wednesday 9/22

Us Rating: ** 1/2

It was created by Lost and Alias mastermind JJ Abrams. But viewers weary of parallel universes and time-bouncing can relax: His new effort is all lighthearted -- albeit derivative -- escapism. Meet married caterers Steven (Boris Kodjoe of Madea's Family Reunion) and Samantha (Gugu Mbatha-Raw), who happen to be ex-secret agents. In the premiere, a CIA honcho begs them to rejoin and locate a missing colleague, and faster than you can say Mr. & Mrs. Smith, the duo don aliases and dodge bullets. They even take time out for a sexy dance (sound familiar?). Alas, the pair lack the moxie needed to make all the banter and stunts sizzle. It's still nice to see a loving twosome fight the bad guys, though, and there are enough smiles to keep the case open — for now. (NBC, 8 P.M.)