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‘Summer House’ Recap: Amanda Batula Says Lindsay Hubbard Treats Danielle Olivera Like a ‘Supporting Character’

‘Summer House’ Recap: Amanda Batula Says Lindsay Hubbard Treats Danielle Olivera Like a 'Supporting Character’ Top inline
Amanda Batula. Sasha Israel/Bravo

Adding fuel to the fire! Amanda Batula weighed in on Lindsay Hubbard and Danielle Olivera’s friendship drama — and got real about their unhealthy dynamic.

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During the Monday, April 3, episode of Summer House, Lindsay, 36, and Danielle, 34, continued to feud over the publicist’s alleged changing personality amid her relationship with Carl Radke. (The BFFs had a falling out in fall 2022 after Carl, 38, proposed to the Florida native that summer.)

“There is a compromise that goes with being in a relationship. I think I’m just doing the best that I can to support Carl but also, I’m here to have fun like I do every other summer,” Lindsay told the cameras on Monday after yelling at her BFF in front of the girls. “Danielle is in a relationship, but she operates socially as if she’s single because unfortunately her boyfriend is nowhere to be found.”

‘Summer House’ Recap: Amanda Batula Says Lindsay Hubbard Treats Danielle Olivera Like a 'Supporting Character’ inline Gabby Prescod, Samantha Feher, Lindsay Hubbard, Danielle Olivera
Gabby Prescod, Samantha Feher, Lindsay Hubbard, Danielle Olivera. Sean Zanni/Bravo

As the evening progressed, Danielle leaned on housemates Amanda, 31, and Paige DeSorbo after feeling slighted by Lindsay. “I’m angry. She opened a can of worms in my brain,” Danielle confessed. “I’m so upset right now.”

Paige, 30, pointed out that it was “nice” to see the app developer’s “natural personality shine” during the group’s explosive dinner. “I feel like sometimes [Lindsay] doesn’t really let [you] shine,” the Winter House star said.

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Danielle agreed with Paige’s assessment, saying, “The bad part is I think that Lindsay knows it too,” to which Amanda responded, “That she dulls your shine?”

While tech guru noted that she’s “always going to have her back,” she expressed sadness over the drama surrounding her friendship with Lindsay.

“You’re the background. You’re the supporting character to her,” Amanda confessed, to which Danielle responded, “In my life, I’m like a main [character]. But in my friendships, I’m down for a supporting [role]. But now she doesn’t need it because she has another guy.”

Later that evening, Amanda told her husband, Kyle Cooke, about the tension between Danielle and Lindsay, revealing that the New Jersey native “went in on Lindsay tonight.”

The Loverboy creative director added: “Danielle’s a good friend. And her light doesn’t get to shine on her own. She lives in Lindsay’s shadow.”

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During the episode, Lindsay continued to wonder why Danielle was “questioning” her relationship and choice to drink less around Carl. Danielle, meanwhile, remained “upset” by the dinner exchange as she left the Hamptons that weekend.

“I haven’t spoken to her all week,” the Hubb House PR founder told newbie Sam Feher when the group returned to the house the next weekend. “Danielle did such an amazing job of being my backbone and strength and support in my last f—ked up relationship. But now I’m finally with a guy who legitimately makes me happy and I make him happy. Nothing else should matter as my best friend.”

Danielle, however, told the cameras: “I’m upset with her and her behavior and how she’s treating me and our friendship. That has been what I thought [was] a sisterhood for many years.”

Summer House airs on Bravo Mondays at 9 p.m. ET.

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