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These Shoes Are Sold Out Everywhere but We Found Them for 60% Off

stuart weitzman booties
Stuart Weitzman

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We’re all about shoes that change the game. We’ll always love our classics, but it’s refreshing when a designer takes a risk, and it’s exhilarating when that risk pays off! That’s exactly what happened with these sneakers we found from one of our favorite footwear designers. We’re not the only ones who noticed them; they’re sold out everywhere! Except here, that is. These shoes won’t be restocked, so don’t miss out!

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The Stuart Weitzman Coverall Flat takes everything we love about different types of shoes and gathers them all into one glorious sneaker. This sneaker is sporty in its style, but trendsetting in its originality. They’re sure to grab the attention of everyone around as they enviously wonder, “Where are those from?” Their 60% off discount sure caught our attention!

Stuart Weitzman Coverall Flats On
Stuart Weitzman

See it: Get the Stuart Weitzman Coverall Flat (originally $598) for 60% off at Stuart Weitzman! You save $359!

These sock-inspired sneakers have a black woven fabric upper that we’d typically expect to find on running sneakers. As the fabric makes its way up and eventually over our ankles, the sleek knit widens to a more cozy, sock-like texture. Just below the top is a wide white stripe, which matches the unique border down toward the sole.

This white border is studded with matching rubber roses all the way around. This rubber was vulcanized, which means it was specially treated to be hardened, therefore making it super durable. This rose border makes it so that every step we take, we are stepping into a glamorous rose garden! It not only looks mega-cool from a side-perspective, but it also creates a unique shape when we look down at them while they’re on our feet. The roses stick out enough that everyone can enjoy them, especially the person wearing them!

The 1-inch sole of this sneaker is also a white rubber, but the insole is leather. We can expect only the best materials from Stuart Weitzman! Leather is nice and breathable, so if we want to ditch a pair of superfluous socks, we won’t have to worry about sweaty feet or any unpleasant smells. Plus, we won’t have to worry about our ankles rubbing up against the sides of the shoe, since it basically functions as a sock as it is!

See it: Get the Stuart Weitzman Coverall Flat (originally $598) for 60% off at Stuart Weitzman! You save $359!

These Coverall sneakers also feature a looped pull tab on the back that will help us slip these shoes on in a snap. We really love how the stretchy fabric of the upper won’t untie or loosen up like laces. It fits like a glove and moves with us, not constricting our toes or causing us any stiffness or pain.

There are plenty of ways we can wear these Coverall Flats. Stuart Weitzman suggests “a slim sweater and cropped straight-cut trousers” to let the shoes shine like the “all-stars” they are. We’ve already got this sweater in mind.

We also like the idea of these sneakers as spring and summer footwear. They can add an edge to a fit-and-flare minidress or pair seamlessly with denim cut-off shorts and a tank top or cami. Because they’re black and white, they go with everything, just the way we like them.

Stuart Weitzman Coverall Flats Back
Stuart Weitzman

Depending on how we style them, these shoes can easily be worn as the statement piece of our outfit. Who knew a black and white sneaker would ever be a statement piece? Thank you for proving it can be done, Stuart Weitzman!

The fabric of the upper already fits like a glove, but we can make the whole shoe fit even better. When choosing a size, make sure to also pick a width! We can choose between medium or wide while supplies last, so when our shoes come in the mail and we finally try them on, they’ll feel like they were custom-made for our feet.

This is our last chance to get these Coverall Flats, and with hundreds of dollars shed off the original price, we’re not letting this opportunity pass us by! That would be letting years of confidence, compliments and comfort slip away. We’re so excited for the first time we wear these. We feel like it’s going to be a pivotal moment in our life we’ll remember forever.

See it: Get the Stuart Weitzman Coverall Flat (originally $598) for 60% off at Stuart Weitzman! You save $359!

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