Christy Turlington Reveals Her Ideal Mother's Day

Christy Turlington Reveals Her Ideal Mother's Day

What do you get a mom like Christy Turlington who has it all?

When it comes to Mother's Day gifts, all the supermodel, 42, wants is a little peace and quiet.

"I should say something annoying my mom would say, like 'can't we all just get along?' I wish," Turlington says in the above clip courtesy of Baby Center's Moms and the City. "If my kids could not fight for a whole day, that would be kind of nice. [And] sleeping in -- that's the biggest gift. It's the best!"

Turlington, who has two children with actor Ed Burns, says her hubby doesn't get nearly as excited for Father's Day as his wife does for Mother's Day.

"The year after I had my daughter, I celebrated a friend's first Mother's Day and said "isn't it fun to be celebrated?' My husband looked at the other husband and said 'this is something that dads don't talk about!'"

Adds Turlington: "It's a big deal for a mom."