How Motherhood Has Mellowed Out Rachel Zoe

Celebrity Moms Sep. 13, 2011 AT 6:10PM
How Motherhood Has Mellowed Out Rachel Zoe Credit: Mia Junior/

Motherhood fits Rachel Zoe quite well.

In March, the style guru and hubby Rodger Berman welcomed their baby boy, Skyler.

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Zoe, 40, has kept busy spoiling her little guy (he has an $87,000 nursery and already has his first Louis Vuitton bag) but the 6-month old has more than returned the favor: he's managed to mellow out his famously high-strung mother!

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"Having my son now, it's actually given me clarity and making it easier," the Rachel Zoe Project star told New York Magazine's blog The Cut. "My time is limited and so everything's more focused, and I'm actually way more efficient. And I'm also happy all the time."

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The designer said those around her have noticed the change in her personality. "Everyone on my team has actually said to me, 'You're so calm!'" she said. "I'm like, I have Skyler. Everything people said [having a baby] does, it does."

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