Huh? Justin Bieber Does Four-Minute Interview in British Accent

Who knew the Biebz was such an Anglophile?

From the sounds of things, Justin Bieber might be following in the footsteps of great North American stars like Madonna and Johnny Depp who, through the course of their careers, inexplicably develop British accents.

During a recent interview with U.K. radio station Capital FM, the "Boyfriend" crooner decided he'd only answer questions in the oh-so-proper accent -- and, though he visibly struggled at certain points, kept it up for the entire four-minute chat.

"Do you think that my English accent's quite good, my friend?" he asked his interviewer, adding that, "I think that if you walk in, you might not even know I'm not an Englishman."

Continued Bieber, "I should just talk like this all the time, I think. It's quite . . . rubbish."

Tell Us: Do you think Bieber's British accent is "quite rubbish"--or is it totally charming?